March was busy but April turned out to be just as exhausting for all the right reasons

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A Chara

We thought March was a busy month, what with St. Patrick’s and all the craic surrounding that.

But April has turned out to be just as exhausting for all the right reasons.

We’ve had chances to connect with other chambers in Hong Kong; a first-time lunch roundtable; celebrate an iconic moment in our Island’s history; and rounded it all off with a very civilized cocktail event.

We’ve also had the inspiring sight of our very own Consul General David Costello in a chic apron showing how to make the perfect Irish Coffee.

So, you can’t say we haven’t lived a little this month. But before we get started, a little bargain for our members …
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And now the month that was
April started with a flurry.

First, there was the at Delaney's in Wan Chai, to mark a very important date in Irish history.
Followed a mere 24hrs later by the Joint Chamber Happy Hour, where members from nearly a dozen international chambers of commerce got together to build connections and forge friendships at the I-O-N Central Market.

This event has proven in the past to be a powerful way to quickly establish links with people working in a range of businesses across multiple countries to help you get a head start on your competition.
For those still on their feet, we held the first in what hopefully will become a popular event, 

Helped by the generosity and impeccable hospitality of Enterprise Ireland, members, non-members and the mildly curious can drop by for a free (yes free) lunch at the Enterprise Ireland office to talk about basically whatever’s on their minds.

It’s the perfect chance to let us know what you’re up to, what you’re interested in and what concerns you.

Topics at the first lunch ranged from how to get visas to travel to China, Hong Kong taxes, finding jobs in Hong Kong, even dealing with taxis.

The aim is to provide a convivial forum where anyone with a connection to or interest in Ireland can find people who can help them.

It’s also the place to let us in the Chamber know what you need.
·     Just started a new company and looking for contacts?
·     Need a flat?
·     Wondering where the best schools are?
·     Your firm’s just signed a great business deal and you want to world to know?
·     Just landed in Hong Kong and could use a guide?

Come along and tell us about it.

It’s all part of our drive to make the Chamber more relevant, more inclusive, and more useful not just for the Irish community but for the Hong Kong community as a whole.

And don’t worry. We won’t force you to become a member or “volunteer” for our next event because we don’t have to. We figure you’ll see the sense in joining when you realize just how friendly and responsive we can be.
The following week we held our ever-popular Harp Networking Event this time at Delaney's in Tsim Sha Tsui, rather than in Wan Chai, for no particular reason.
This event has become a great favourite among many members, and non-members, as it provides a more sociable, less business intensive way to meet and have a blather over a nice drink and some food.

And so to the end of the month with at the Marco Polo Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.
The biggest event of its kind, with a very limited quota, the evening proved to be not only the perfect venue for business link-ups but also helped raise money for a very worthwhile cause with earnings donated to InterCham's .
Apron? What apron?

We were also delighted to see Irish Coffee being featured alongside other European delicacies at “A Taste of the EU," hosted by the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao and , all part of the EU Day 2023 programme.

And resplendent in a very natty grey apron was none other than our very own Consul General , who led an Irish coffee making workshop. Good on you David!

Thanks to Irish Whiskey sponsor,  &  for helping to again put Ireland on the Hong Kong map.
Quite a month!

But after a quiet weekend of meditation and prayer for some and 24hrs sleep for others, we’ll be at it again in May, which promises to be every bit as exciting with even more chances to build important connections, have some fun with old friends and make some new ones.

And to get you started on the right path, on May 6th, Irish Funds China is supporting the Darkness into Light event, a powerful movement to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. 

So put on your walking shoes, grab a friend or two and show a little solidarity for those who need it most. 

New Corporate Member.
We’re proud and delighted to announce that , the government organisation responsible for developing and growing Irish enterprises in world markets, has joined as our latest corporate member.

EI works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets, supporting sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.

Together we’ll be able to add a real boost for our members, whatever field they work in.
Upcoming Events
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Joint Chamber Happy Hour


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Lunch Roundtable with Enterprise Ireland
Lunch Roundtable with Enterprise Ireland


May 25, 2023
(12:00 PM - 2:00 PM) (GMT+8)


Enterprise Ireland
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR (China)
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